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Narcissistic personality disorder features

July 9, 2016


  • Special treatment expected (grandiose), feelings of entitlement
  • Power, success and high intelligence (fantasises over)
  • Envious of others and beliefs others are equally jealous of them
  • Conceited (vain)
  • Interpersonal exploitation – exploits others to achieve personal gain
  • Admiration of others needed
  • Lacking empathy

Dependent personality disorder features

July 8, 2016


  • Relies on others to make important decisions (needing reassurance)
  • Encourages others to make decisions
  • Limited capacity themselves to make decisions (about life responsibilities)
  • Inability to care for oneself (fears of such) so are uncomfortable alone
  • Abandonment fears of caring for oneself
  • Needs of others put first and unduly compliant with others’ requests
  • Tolerance – inability to disagree with others